RFQuack: The RF-Analysis Tool That Quacks


RFQuack is the versatile RF-analysis tool that quacks! It’s a library firmware that allows you to sniff, manipulate, and transmit data over the air. And if you’re not happy how the default firmware functionalities, we made it easy to extend. Consider it as the hardware-modular and developer-friendly version of the great YardStick One, which is based on the CC1111 radio chip. Differently from that and other RF dongles, RFQuack is designed to be agnostic with respect to the radio chip. So if you want to use, say, the RF69, you can do it. If you need to use the CC110L or CC1120, you can do it. Similarly to RFCat, RFQuack has console based, Python scriptable, client that allows you to set parameters, receive, transmit, and so on.

May 9, 2019 12:00 AM
Amsterdam, The Netherlands