A clean feed (and weekly digest) of noteworthy cybersecurity facts

The CyberFacts Feed

I’ve started to systematically keep an archive of my readings since early 2021. I enjoy staying up to date with what happens in this world and keep track of what others are doing, and I make an effort to get to the source to eliminate the noise and room for inaccuracies as much as possible. So I decided to start sharing the live RSS feed of what I read. As soon as I find something interesting, I skim through it, publish it here, and randomly trigger automated posts on my LinkedIn feed and Twitter @CyberFactsIT.

CyberFacts Weekly

CyberFacts Weekly is a digest of the CyberFacts Feed, spiced up with some highlights, notes, thoughts, links. There are already many good cyber-security newsletters (e.g., tl;dr sec) or news analysis (e.g., by Daniel Miessler), so by no means I’m trying to compete with them. I’m doing this mostly for myself, so that I can keep an online archive of my favorite or noteworthy readings.

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🔓 [CyberFacts Weekly - Issue 0x03] Twice the Content, New Workflow

Two SGX SDK vulns patched / Twitch leak not surprising / Abusing GitHub Actions / YouTube MP4 parsing vuln patched / Thingiverse leak (36GB) / 2.4 Tbps DDoS hit Azure customer / Proton bug bounty / Ransomware payments up 40% YoY / Trump's website defaced / Candy maker hit by ransomware / Abusing garage door openers / ATM PIN guessing

🔓 [CyberFacts Weekly - Issue 0x02] The Week of Massive Leaks

Twitch leak (128GB) / Telegraph DB exposed (10TB) / Full iOS 15 decompiled source code / FB/IG/WA disappeared from the Internet / New ESP-persistent UEFI bootkit found / LeakIX 2.0 vs. exposed services / Pandora Papers is the new Panama Papers / SMS-routing service compromised for years / Phrack #70 is out / Apache CVE-2021-41773 patched / pilot to secure OSS / Ransomware gang arrested in Ukraine

🔓 [CyberFacts Weekly - Issue 0x01] A Packed Week

Malware targeting gamers / VSCode extension with command injection / OWASP turns 20 / Chrome fixes an RCE / AirTags can carry XSS payload / PoC exploit for VMware CVE-2021-22005 / More Apple bug bounty drama / Android bankers / Bitcoin ATMs vulnerable to tampering / New SolarWinds details / When ransomware hits hospitals / Bug in ApplePay Express Mode with VISA / Threat actors posing as Amnesty

🔓 [CyberFacts Weekly - Issue 0x00] First Out

AlphaBay's founder is back / Donation sites abuse for card testing / Apple Tracking Transparency lets trackers track / AI can introduce vulnerabilities in code / Valid PEs that evade integrity checks / High-res satellite imagery as a service / BulletProofLink PAAS operation / How UAE spy program recruited an NSA hacker